CROWN EV Moped launched for 75,000

CROWN EV Moped launched for 75,000

After the recent fuel hike, the search for electric vehicles and alternative mobility solutions is on the rise. Since the government is also favoring electric vehicles, many companies are launching different types of Electric Vehicles. Recently CROWN Motorcycles has launched their EV line up and their EV Moped is the most cost-effective among all.


CROWN EV Moped Specs:

The CROWN EV Moped is based on the old principles, it has pedals and an electric motor. The idea is to pedal and reach your destination if the battery runs out. Specs-wise it is an entry-level vehicle because it has the least powered electric motor. 350watts hub motor is powering this EV. Assuming it will be slow and will have a top speed of 30kmph hardly. It has a range of 28kms which can be less if it is used at maximum speed or in extreme environments.

CROWN EV Moped launched for 75,000

This EV Moped has a 48volts 12Ampere Removeable battery pack which can be replaced from a charging station provided if they are developed. The motor is a 350-watt brushless hub motor and it takes 4-5 hours to charge. No technical information on batteries is shared. It is an assumption that it will have lead acid batteries which are not considered much good in EVs due to less backup and heat up or maintenance issues. Previously such batteries are used in Jolta Bikes and there are cases in which they got burnt due to heating up.

Design-wise, this EV Moped can seat 2 persons bu its best suited for one and performing near by duties such as getting groceries or going from point A to B only. All in all, CROWN Motorcycle needs to develop an infrastructure before they provide this vehicle for sale. If a proper network is not available, this will bring EVs another poor and bad fame. Now EVs and alternative fuels are need time but we need to develop them locally so that we really can save on dollars and foreign reserves.

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