HONDA CG125Special Edition

What is the difference between a legend and a hero? A legend does not require any reason to be remembered but a hero does.In recent past Atlas Honda launched CG125S or CG125 Self starter variant with a 5 speed gear box and I can’t decide if its going to be a legend or a hero

CG125 Classic is a bare bone motorcycle with 125cc OHV engine and a 4-speed gear box. This engine is fed by a simple slide carb and has noting special other than a cult following of its speed agility and sound. Sound is the most important selling item of this two-wheeler.

Let’s start with the new entrant, CG125S has two variants Regular and Special edition. The regular 125 has same graphic as classic CG125(Kick start and 4speed one) and Special edition has silver side cover with flat color fuel tank finished in red or black. Overall appearance of CG125S is classic and holds its classic looking charisma of chrome fenders and classic looks. The side covers are bigger than of regular 125 because now they reside a bigger battery for self-starter.

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When you gaze towards its engine you notice that the gear side crank case cover is changed. You will also notice the self-starter motor, mind you this is same engine used in CB125F and it’s a reworked deluxe engine. The engine is same old OHV Push rod-based motor which is not very refined but definitely most powerful and produces approximately 11.5 to 12 hp. The final drive ratio is very short and results in great acceleration and pick up which always had been an ace for CG125. This is not the only mechanical change, AHL has also changed its rear hub to a bigger diameter for better stopping and used more heavy spokes for better rigidity.

CG125S has put on some weight because of these above-mentioned changes and now it weighs 108 kgs a good 10 kgs more than the regular one. This means that its not going to be as fast as its older brother the regular CG125. This motorcycle has no other mechanical change and comes with same suspension setup and other mechanical components as it ever was.

What I believe is that this motorcycle is classic, and classic things don’t need to be changed.Its about time we make peace with CG125 because it will remain as it is. You can t do much or anything about it!

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