HONDA CG125 Special Edition

Honda CG125 Special Edition 2023

Honda CG125 is undoubtedly Pakistan’s most popular and most selling motorcycle of all time. Honda has not updated the classic CG125 formula but launched a new and improved variant. This variant is called Honda CG125 Special Edition 2023. Let’s see what makes it a special edition and whether is it worth it or not!

HONDA CG125 Special Edition

The Honda CG125 Special Edition was launched in 2018 when Yamaha YB125Z was bagging more sales. The YB125Z had few key features over the regular Honda CG125. So Atlas Honda ended up making those changes and improvements in a new motorcycle which they called the CG125 Special Edition. These two changes were a self-starter and a 5-speed gearbox, to begin with. CG125 Special Edition also has some more changes too.

HONDA CG125 Special Edition

One of the key changes is that Special Edition is heavier as compared to the regular CG125. This more weight is due to the addition of a 5-speed gearbox and self-starter unit. The battery is also replaced with self stater (bigger battery) and Honda also widened its side covers. All of these changes meant more weight. Atlas Honda also upgraded the hubs of the Special edition and installed bigger brake hubs for improved stopping capabilities.

Design-wise there is no change in the CG125 Special edition. Only the paint scheme is different. The side coves are chrome while the fuel tank is a solid color. The Honda CG125 fuel tank capacity is 9 ltrs. Overall the different paint scheme identifies the Honda CG125 and Special Edition. Recently the price of the CG125 Special Edition has been revised and its special edition now retails for 255,900.

Honda CG Special Edition competes with Yamaha YB125Z. The Yamaha is a much more balanced motorcycle as compared to the Special Edition and has more value for money to offer. Their detailed comparison can be seen here.

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