Super Star Falcon 150 Officially Launched

Super Star Motorcycles, a local motorcycle and auto-rickshaw manufacturer from Pakistan has recently launched its flagship 150cc motorcycle. This motorcycle is a scrambler and it is called Super Star Falcon 150. The Super Star Falcon 150 is officially launched yesterday with an exciting TVC.

Earlier Super Star Motorcycles were only manufacturing commuter motorcycles like SS70, SS110 & SS125. Their motorcycles were known for decent enough quality and they were well-priced. Now Super Star is targeting the premium customer segment by launching a new and different product.

Hi-Speed Motorcycles have done a successful launch of their cafe racer in Pakistan. Following the same footsteps, Super Star Motorcycles are launching a scrambler in the 150cc category. This is a new motorcycle type for Pakistan as our regular motorcycles are much more boring and plain. Read Hi Speed vs Falcon Scrambler

The Super Star Scrambler uses a 150cc engine which comes with a self-starter and 5-speed gearbox. The riding dynamics are upright and the hardware seems to be of nice quality so far. Currently, this is a CBU import that will slowly be localized in order to develop a better-priced motorcycle in Pakistan.

The looks of Super Star are borrowed from Yamaha XSR155 but on a budget. The Falcon 150 looks cool but we wonder if it will compete with Yamaha or any other branded motorcycle in quality and longevity. The original launch price was 295,000 rupees. The current price is not yet revealed and chances are that it will be higher due to inflation and dollar hike.

Super Star Motorcycles have come a long way with its product line. They have 4 different motorcycle categories to offer from 70 to 150cc categories now. These motorcycles can do much better if the company aligns with modern sales patterns and improve its marketing strategy. That’s how they can bag more sales and customers!

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