Basic Motorcycle Maintenance

Basic Motorcycle Maintenance is easy!

It is not necessary that every motorcyclist you see on the road is a die-hard biker. But if you are a die-hard biker then you must take pride in maintaining your own motorcycle. If you think motorcycle maintenance is a difficult task, I am here to tell you that Basic motorcycle maintenance is easy. Here’s how.

Basic Motorcycle Maintenance

First of all, let’s clarify what basic motorcycle maintenance is and why it is necessary. The periodic maintenance is basic motorcycle maintenance which needs to be carried out after every 2/3 months or 2/3 thousand kilometers. This also depends upon your motorcycle, its engine type, and usage. However, it consists of these simple jobs. Engine oil change, air filter cleaning, Spark plug cleaning & general servicing. In case of an electric bike, these things are not required.

Engine Oil Change:

This is one of the most basic and simplest maintenance a biker can do himself at home very easily. This involves a basic tool set such as a spanner set, a container to collect old used oil, and a funnel. Simply crack the engine oil nut and drain the engine oil in a container (dispose it off carefully later) Simply tighten the nut and refill the new engine oil with the help of a funnel. That’s the oil change done!

Engine Oil Change

Air Filter Cleaning / Change:

The air filter needs to be changed or cleaned after a couple of thousand miles. The air filters are of two types. One is a replaceable paper filter and the other is a lifetime foam filter. You simply need to remove the side cover (mostly the air filter is behind the side cover inside the motorcycle frame). Pop out the old air filter and push in the new air filter. In case its a lifetime filter, you need to wash it with kerosene or gasoline and apply engine oil once you are done. This way it will catch all the dust and you can clean it next time.

Air Filter

Spark Plug Cleaning / Change:

A spark plug is one of the key components in the ignition system of a motorcycle. This small plug is responsible to generate a spark that creates combustion inside the engine. The electrode becomes dirty over time and gets clogged by carbon deposit build-up. Simply unscrew the spark plug using the spark plug socket inside the motorcycle tool kit and inspect the electrode for any wear n tear. Also, it is recommended to use a feeler gauge to check the spark plug gap. For cleaning the spark plug, use a metal wire carefully and avoid damaging the electrode.

Spark Plug Tools

These basic motorcycle maintenance will cost you half hour and will save you at least 1000 rupees in labor charges. Also doing maintenance yourself is a better hobby and develops a long-lasting connection with your motorcycle.

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