HONDA CB125F, The good and the bad

Honda CB125F 2023, The Good and The Bad

Honda CB125F was launched in 2018 to compete with Yamaha YBR125. The motorcycle was locally designed and developed by Atlas Honda in Pakistan. It was backed by a powerful marketing campaign starring many young musicians. Despite all those efforts, Honda CB125F has not been successful as much it was anticipated. There must be something good and bad about it, let us find out.

Honda CB125F Design:

Honda CB125F

Design-wise, Honda CB125F was supposed to look like an international variant. The Internationally available Honda CB125F is an aggressive and sporty design. Our CB125F is a locally designed and developed motorcycle. This is a good thing that Atlas Honda designed a better-looking motorcycle in Pakistan unless other Chinese manufacturers. The design elements of CB125F are a mix of sporty and deluxe styling. Its front half is aggressively looking and it has a flat seat which helps in daily commutes. The design is acceptable though. In our books, its a good!

Honda CB125F Engine:

Just like the design, the engine on CB125F was a bit of a turn-off. The international variant was an OHC engine type with electronic fuel injection(Amazing ride quality and fuel economy). The CB125F launched in Pakistan has the iconic 125cc OHV engine with a 5-speed gearbox and an electronic starter setup. The plus point of this engine is raw power and the negative point is the vibrations. The extended vibrations disturb the ride quality. The Honda CB125F produces 12hp of peak power and has the iconic Honda CG125 sound. In our books, it is bad because now Honda should have changed the formula a little bit!

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Honda CB125F Suspension and Wheels setup:

Honda CB125F gets a relatively better suspension for CB125F as compared to other Honda 125cc motorcycles. The front suspension is telescopic and has 119mm travel (as compared to 120mm on Yamaha YBR125). The back suspension is a swing arm-based adjustable suspension with a travel of 76mm (as compared to 90mm on Yamaha YBR125). The stopping duties are done by a disc brake at the front and a drum brake at the rear. It has alloy wheels as standard and the hardware is of good quality. The front tyre is 2.75-18 whereas the rear is 90/90-18. Suspension and hardware wise the CB125F scores good in our books! Overall, it weighs 122 kg, and it is a decent motorcycle in performance.

Honda CB125F Price in Pakistan:

Honda CB125F was launched at a very affordable price tag but as the inflation kept on increasing the price increased too. The current price of the Honda CB125F is 283,900 rupees. Price wise it is one of the most affordable motorcycles as compared to Yamaha and Suzuki 125s. The price is good in our books.

HONDA CB125F, The good and the bad


If we calculate, CB125F scores 3 good and 1 bad in our books. CB125F needs to be more focused on young buyers with a feasible installment scheme. That way it can bag more sales and Honda will continue it. Otherwise it seems like if it does not work well, Honda will discontinue it soon!

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