Yamaha YBR125

New Yamaha YBR125 in 2023?

Yamaha Motor Pakistan started its production in 2015. Initially, they launched Yamaha YBR125 and changed Pakistan’s motorcycle market. The YBR125 was a new thing for many motorcycle enthusiasts at that time. Many had not seen such a sporty 125cc motorcycle and had not seen such features before. YBR125 was available in 4 different colors which was also a new thing for many. As 2023 is around the corner, many Yamaha enthusiasts are waiting if there is any new Yamaha YBR125 in 2023?

Yamaha YBR125 1st Generation:

The YBR125 launched from 2015 to 2017 is known as the 1st generation Yamaha YBR 125. The motorcycle was a high-quality CBU and later CKD build. The YBR125 1st generation was easily identified by a few things. It’s quiet and all chrome muffler along with its iconic graphics. The paint, chrome and fit n finish quality on YBR125 were amazing. The motorcycle was smooth, with no vibration, and a charm to ride. YBR125 enjoyed a lot of premium sales in the early days and soon it became popular among youngsters. Though people had complaints about its low emission exhaust and low sound. There were many other issues like missing at higher RPMs and expensive spare parts. Yamaha took notes and addressed these issues in the next generation. Yamaha YBR125 price in Pakistan at that time was 136,000 rupees.

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Yamaha YBR125 2nd Generation:

The 2nd generation YBR125 was launched from 2018 to 2020. These motorcycles were more locally manufactured (Yamaha started localizing many parts). The quality was adequate but not up to the mark of previous generations. Yamaha made a few cosmetic and a few mechanical updates which helped in reviving the motorcycle’s performance. The YBR125 received a new graphic upgrade. The grey color was discontinued and the racing blue color was introduced.YBR125 also received a free-flow exhaust and received some vocals too. On top of that Yamaha also changed the air filter to a more breathable one and up jetted the carb for a better air-fuel mixture ratio. The results were amazing. A much faster YBR125 was born which sounded better and had better performance as compared to the previous generation but quality began to compromise.

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YBR125 3rd Generation:

YBR125 3rd Generation

The 3rd and ongoing YBR125 in Pakistan is 3rd Generation. The motorcycle received a new graphic update in 2021and it is still being continued. Yamaha also increased the number of localized spare parts to keep the costs down. Yamaha is facing serious quality issues now due to the quality of its motorcycles which is degrading. Also, the supply chain issues made it very difficult for them because many important parts are still imported and the motorcycle is not a completely local product. The current price of Yamaha YBR125 is 322,500 rupees. The prices are not stable and change every now n then. The motorcycle is not a value-for-money product now.

Yamaha YBR125

New Yamaha YBR125 in 2023?

Now the next update on YBR125 is due. Globally YBR125 is replaced with the YS125 series which is more sporty and dynamic. However, in Pakistan, it seems like Yamaha will continue its YBR125 in 2023 and they may give it another graphic update. No more changes should be expected from Yamaha and YBR125 in 2023.

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