Helmet is a must in Punjab

5,000 Rupees Fine On Helmetless Riding Imposed In Lahore

In a recent development, the Lahore High Court has imposed a fine of 5,000 rupees on helmetless riding in Lahore. Since the start of July 2023, Punjab Traffic Police is taking strict actions against helmetless and lawless motorcyclists.

Helmet is a must in Punjab

Justice Shahid Karim of Lahore High Court has strictly instructed the authorities to enforce the use of helmets while motorcycle riding in Lahore. As per the details, LHC was not happy with the performance of authorities and decided to intervene.

According to the court’s order, A detailed judgment will be passed to enforce these laws. Also, the court seems to be unhappy with traffic wardens not performing their duties. Lahore High Court has suggested starting a 10-day advertisement campaign to guide and brief motorcycle riders. After 10 days strict crackdown will be started against lawless bikers.

Lahore Traffic Police has challaned over 80,000 motorcycles in the last few days. The main motive is to enforce the use of helmets but they should also focus on road safety and the quality of the motorcycles being offered. The fine imposed should be utilized on betterment of roads and public safety.

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