HONDA CB125F Modified

Subhan’s Honda CB125F Tastefully Modified (Pakistan’s Only)

Honda Honda CB125F was launched by Atlas Honda Limited back in the day to compete with the Yamaha YBR125 series. As the Yamaha YBR125 series was one of the first sporty shapes launched in Pakistan, the youngsters started to modify their motorcycles with love and zeel. A young gentleman from Lahore Mr Subhan Shahid has modified his motorcycle and made it Pakistan’s Only Honda CB125F tastefully modified.

Subhan’s CB125F

Subhan shared that he used to own a YBR125 and every modification item was easily available. But when he started modifying his CB125F, he faced many difficulties during the build. Nothing was made to fit for CB125F and modification was the only way to do it. Over the period of time, Subhan has modified his motorcycle 3 times and this is the current look of his machine.

SC Project Exhaust

The Honda CB125F was initially modified by installing a free-flow exhaust, Once Subhan had figured it out, he started installing other secondary items. The motorcycle was lowered and clip-ons were installed. Later Subhan changed the color scheme of his CB125F a few times. The motorcycle was involved in an accident and the paint was damaged. Subhan got it modified into Candy Red with White Alloys and the motorcycle speaks of its self now.

HONDA CB125F Modified

For a young guy, Subhan has done a great job and a detailed review of his motorcycle is on the way!

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