Lahore Police Crackdown against helmets

Helmet Prices Increase After Traffic Police Crackdown

As law enforcement agencies and traffic police have begun to crack down on helmet-less riding, more and more riders started using helmets. After the 5,000 rupees fine suggested by Lahore High Court, the helmet prices have increased and currently, they are all-time high. Let’s find out why helmet prices increase after a traffic police crackdown.

Locally Made Helmet

Last week on a market visit to Mclode Road Lahore, we came across different helmet shops. Motorcycle prices are often discussed but the helmets and accessories prices are neglected. The helmets have become very expensive. An entry-level helmet that used to cost 2,000 rupees is now selling for 4,500 to 5,000 rupees.

The high-end or premium helmet prices have not been much disturbed. The premium helmet buyer is a different motorcycle rider who likes to invest in safety gadgets. The common commuters were often seen riding without helmets. Now they are buying helmets and the vendors are earning more by overcharging and manipulating the situation.

Lahore Police Crackdown against helmets

Though the actions taken by Traffic Police are commendable, to the point, and logical but the situation gets worst when the reaction is creating difficulty. Now people are willing to buy helmets but prices have gone way higher. The regular helmets (locally made which cost 300/700 are now selling for 1,500 to 2,000 rupees)

According to the media, Lahore Traffic Police has done more than 200,000 challans over the past 2 weeks. The traffic police representative told the media that the helmet fine is soon going to be 2,000 rupees and LHC has also advised making it 5,000.

Motorcyclists are demanding that helmet prices should be regulated. Also, good quality safety helmets should be produced locally in Pakistan. The helmets made in Pakistan are not of good quality and are made up of fiberglass and poor packing. A decently made, decent-quality helmet at an affordable price should not be a problem.

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