Idemitsu Engine Oils n Pakistan

Idemitsu Lubes Officially Launched In Pakistan

Last week, the world-renowned and Japanese most prestigious engine lube manufacturer Idemitsu lubes officially launched in Pakistan. For the motorheads, Idemitsu is not a new name. For starters, it is the company that excels in manufacturing specific engine oils and other lubricants that keep your automobile up and running.

Idemitsu Engine Oils n Pakistan

Idemitsu lubes is not a new name in the automobile industry. Over the last 112 years, they are working in the automobile sector. Working and perfecting the engine oil blends and formulation which can work efficiently and effectively for everyone. Almost every branded engine oil in Pakistan is tested and certified by Idemitsu in Pakistan. Be it Yamalube or Total, the Idemitsu certifications make them premium.

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Idemitsu plans to provide engine oils and lubricant solutions to different automobiles being offered in Pakistan. As per the company, they are investing in the 2 and 4-wheeler categories first. As Pakistan is a huge 2-wheel market, it is also equally tempting for Idemitsu to test its products.

According to the Idemitsu Lubes Pakistan President & CEO, Mr. Ryota Takizawa, “We are delighted to introduce Idemitsu Brand Motor Oil (IBMO) to the Pakistani market.” Idemitsu is confident that they will add value to the automobiles and lives of common Pakistani consumers. Let’s see what they have to offer and how their products are better than others.

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