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2023 United US125 New Model Launch in Pakistan

United Motorcycles claim itself as Pakistan’s 2nd largest motorcycle-selling brand after Honda Motorcycles. United Motorcycles are mainly known for regular 70 & 125cc motorcycles along with rickshaws, Loaders and in Cars, they have launched Bravo & Alpha as well. Recently the 2023 United US125 new model is launched in Pakistan. People have interesting remarks about it. Let’s find out about its price, specs, and features.

2023 United US125 price:

There was a time when United US 125 was priced below 80,000 rupees. After the recent economic crisis, its prices have almost doubled. Now United US125 costs almost 120,000 rupees which is way too much for a local production unit.

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2023 United US125 Specs:

Specs-wise it is the same as it has ever been it has the same 125cc engine and basic transmission. The commuter 125cc motorcycles are like match sticks, you don’t see any features while buying them. Though the company has shared some specs which are being laughed at on social media.

2023 United US125 Features:

This time United US125 gets a keyless entry! No, I m just kidding. The US125 is plain as a canvas with nothing new to offer. Only the price has been revised which has rather made it overpriced than anything else!

United US125

The Verdict:

As always we have no high hopes from local motorcycle manufacturers in Pakistan. These companies are busy chasing Atlas Honda while they continue making decade-old motorcycles! The innovation is not present in local motorcycle manufacturers. Though local manufacturers can utilize the existing vendor and retailer network to start making new and modern motorcycles locally. This is not a difficult thing to do, it is pretty much doable. If Honda can make CB125F in Pakistan, why not United? Let us hope United soon launches United US125F.

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