How to ride safe in FOG

How to ride in FOG

Winter is that time of the year when motorcycle riding gets shrunk. Bikers tend to avoid unnecessary travel and try using a 4-wheeler instead. Still, there is a large number of bikers who have to use motorcycles for daily commutes and many like to travel during winter. Riding motorcycles in winter can be challenging. Early morning and late night rides are difficult due to freezing cold and fog. For a motorcycle rider, safety is important in such conditions. Here are a few tips on How to ride in FOG.

How to ride in FOG

Speed, Ride slowly in FOG:

Carrying too much speed during a ride may be fun but it is definitely dangerous in foggy situations. When the speed is more, it takes more time to stop the vehicle. Because the visibility is compromised in fog, the stopping distance and time can not be calculated in time. It is better to avoid speeding and ride at more manageable speeds. Also, the roads are slippery and tyres are cold in winter, which can cause slipping at higher speeds so keep your speed in check.

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Visibility, Be visible in FOG:

Being visible during riding is the key. In poor visibility when everything is misty and foggy bikers are usually not visible. To overcome this issue, a rider must wear a reflective jacket or apron over a riding jacket. Reflective tape should also be used on the back of helmets and motorcycles so they make riders more visible.

How to ride safe in FOG

Be Cautious, Be Careful:

Overall, a more careful rider is the more safe rider in mist and fog. Motorcyclists need to be more cautious and careful during rides. Keeping left and riding slowly with hazard lights on is a more mature and safe way to ride. They say cars have bumpers but bikers have bones. It is better to avoid any accidents and injuries. In winter, Injuries take a long time to heal. Ride safe and ride long!

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