Government plans to phase out petrol-powered bikes in Pakistan

According to Pro Pakistani, the Government of Pakistan is planning to phase out petrol-powered bikes from Pakistan. According to the source, Federal Minister for Defense Khawaja Asif shared these remarks at the National Energy Conservation Policy conference and shared that government plans to phase out regular bikes gradually.

Electric Bike assembled in Pakistan

Khawaja Asif also added that the government plans to motivate the sales, purchase, and local manufacturing of electric bikes. He said that getting rid of petrol-powered motorcycles, it will not only save 86 billion rupees every year, but it is also beneficial for the environment and the public as well.

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Sadly Pakistan is not self-sufficient in electric vehicles, especially bikes. The term E-bike is usually bringing some Chinese electric vehicles into Pakistan. The issue with this process is that our foreign reserve goes out, and to keep prices lower the importer tries to reduce the specifications of the vehicle. The substandard electric vehicle still turns up to be expensive as compared to regular petrol-powered motorcycles in the end!

Pakistan currently has many Electric bikes in the country but sadly they are more of a Frankenstein’s monster. To be honest they look like an amalgamation of many different motorcycles. There is no thought process and no design involved in developing local electric bikes. Local manufacturers have not heard about innovation at all. Sub-standard battery packs, sub-standard electric parts, and quality with high price tags! That’s a Pakistani E-Bike for you.

Also, the government has no clear policy about Electric Vehicles at all. Every now and then there are a few technical issues regarding the import of raw materials required for electric vehicles. Unless and until the design is not updated, the technology is not improved Electric Bikes are a big flop in Pakistan. Also, the modern world has achieved efficiency by updating the engine technology, if the local motorcycles are updated to modern standards, Chances are they will be efficient as Electric bikes.

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