YAMAHA YBR 125 Graphic sticker


Earlier this year Yamaha Motor Pakistan introduced a Graphic Designing Competition in which they asked all motorcycle users to design a graphic for their YBR125. Upon inquiring we came to know that because YBR125 has next to nil graphic which is Yamaha’s global approach (global models have very less graphics) but in Pakistan we like our graphics as we like biryani. Instead of developing a new graphic, Yamaha introduced the competition and they received a lot of entries from motorcycle lovers and riders.

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They narrowed it down to three entries and developed the first one to be available as a graphic. This winning graphic was designed by Huzaifa from Karachi who works in a factory at Korangi Industrial area and is found of riding. Huzaifa was old user of YBR125 but sold it and bough a more economical option a 70 cc. Huzaifa said that his graphic shows dynamic movement , a powerful essence and he is glad that he won the prize money.

This graphic is not a new model, its just an accessory for those who wants to use this graphic. Yamaha had also posted a video showing how to paste this graphic.

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There is no information on 2020 model YBR125 yet, rumor has it that it will come in April 2020.

Do let us know how you found this graphic

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