Why we hate scooters and scooties

We Pakistanis have very awkward reactions towards the mods of transports which are used by other countries. For instance lets talk about the most loved, most user friendly Scooters and Scooties which are loved all over the globe but not here.

Here are few reasons I have dug up. I may be right or may be wrong.

They’re for Ladies:

One of the most common misconception about scooters and scooties is that they were designed for ladies and In our society a man doing something which is inspired from feminine side is not cool . I always wondered if Vespa was designed for ladies who are generally weaker , how do they handle it when all the load is on one side because of engine! This is a myth!

They’re not practical:

Another stigma on these machines is that they are not practical enough which is straight away a lie. I mean they have space up front ,they have space under the seat what else one could ask for? This is also a myth.

They’re too plastic:

Can’t say this about the vespa but the modern scooters and scooties are made up of plastic composites which is also bad for us Pakistanis.We want LOHA , we want to hit the wall with out damaging the vehicle which in other countries is considered insane!

They’re expensive:

As compared to motorcycles we get locally yes they are expensive as hell. Like for instance Vespa primavera costs around 360K plus these days. The good ones really cost much!

These were the few points which i think make it difficult for any scooter or scooty to survive in Pakistan. We love motorcycles anyways.

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