WHY Valentino Rossi is called the doctor?

I don’t know why it has not bothered you yet but this question really bothered me, Why Valentino Rossi is called The Doctor? Is he a real doctor or is there some twist, well the legend has few nicknames in his career before he was called the doctor.
A young Valentino Rossi saw a furious rider from Japan whose name was Norifumi Abeand his aggressive riding style had won the heart of a young Valentino Rossi, who adopted the nickname “Rossifumi” when joining the 125cc class two years later. Later on he became “Valentinik,” in honor of Paperinik,

In the year 2001, he took on the title of “The Doctor.” As Rossi was a common name in Italy Someone said in an interview that “The Doctor because, I don’t think there is a particular reason, but it’s beautiful, and is important, The Doctor. And in Italy, The Doctor is a name you give to someone for respect, it’s very important, The Doctor… important”. Although Valentino often jokes that the name arrived because in Italy, Rossi is a very common surname for Doctors.

These days Rossi rarely crashes and in fact holds the record for the longest streak of consecutive podiums. He did receive an honorary doctors degree to officially call him self “The Doctor”, being a staple in his public image and fame, being called mostly as the Doctor.
I hope now many people will get the real reason why Rossi is called the Doctor!

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