Why Milkman used Yamaha YB100

The motorcycle which I inherited from my father was a 1989 Yamaha YB100. I still have sweet memories of that machine but some sour too, Everytime I went to college on it, my class fellows would change Doodh Wala (milk man). This memory brought the idea to investigate why milkmen use and like Yamaha YB100.

The Yamaha YB100 started in Pakistan around 1970’s. The sturdy backbone frame was strong enough to absorb the abuses and it’s engine was low maintenance and full of power. People started hauling it for heavy loads and many milkmen started using it to deliver milk.

With the heavy load of milk cans, this yb100 was always rocking the streets. People memorized the sound note and could judge if their milkman has arrived or not. The bike was robust and low maintenance enough that people never bothered about anything.

The bike needed extra oil with petrol as premix and that’s basically all it needed. There was no weight limit and bike was always kept at ringing throttle. A milkman could easily buy this bike for few thousand rupees and enjoyed it’s ride while delivering milk.

The YB100 has been discontinued for a long time. The machine has been scarced and  people are using other options for the service. Like the Yamaha YB125Z , many milkmen also use it assuming it has the same power as it’s elder sibling.

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