Make your Yamaha YBR125 fast!

Yamaha motorcycles look very sporty and aggressive but they’re facing an issue from day of their launch and that is lack of power in these bikes.

The Yamaha motorcycles are commuter based OHC engines which come with a balancer shaft and offer smooth ride but this smoothness comes on cost of performance.

We have 2 simple and cost effective solutions which will result in increased power and response.

  • Remove Air Duct:

Under the seat of a Yamaha, their is a rubber duct which redirects air to carb. If this duct is removed, it will result in more and easy breathing. Motorcycle will perform much better with this duct removed.

  • Upgrading the Spark Plug:

‏For 700 rupees, one can get Platinum or Iridium tipped spark plugs(NGK R) which ensure much more spark and better burning of the fuel. These spark plugs also have much higher service limit than standard ones.

These simple and easily do able modifications can help increasing the performance of your Yamaha YBR125 and you will no longer have to be embarrassed.

These modifications may require adjusting the fuel ratio as the air and spark have been increased which can easily be tackled by a decent mechanic or yourself.

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