Why graphic change is considered a new model here?

A norm of market or love of an Imbecile?

I don’t know much about the world but in our country a graphic update is considered to be as a new motorcycle model. I don’t know since when this norm is going on but i have seen this practice since i started my motorcycle days.It got me thinking that why a new graphic is considered as a new model?

Globally there is no thing like 17 model , 19 model .Instead they say generations like 5th generation and 6th generation.They know a motorcycle by the model year. Suppose if one motorcycle is 5th generation and that generation lasted from 2010 to 2014, the motorcycle will be denoted as 2011 model year or 2012 model year of 5th generation. Usually a generation lasts around 5 to 6 years and than its replaced by another improved generation.

During the time a certain generation is available for sale, companies try different marketing gimmicks to improve the sales. Like for instance model year 2011 of 5th generation may have a green graphic, and 2012 may have a red. This graphic update is only to freshen up things only and make the consumers feel that this is the NEW and IMPROVED one.


Sadly though, things are opposite at our end, we are living in a time capsule. Our motorcycle generations are same which were in our child hood and the model years are ever changing.Every year or two we get a new graphic update which is sold as a new model.People tend to buy new model, old graphic gets devalued and hard to sell.

The point here is that instead of getting a newer generation we are getting same old generation with a new price tag as a new model. There is lack of imagination and innovation in the things we get and we are being ripped off on the name of resale value.

This was my opinion on how I see things, Kindly share yours with us in the comments.




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