Vigor E Bike, From concept to reality

Before we begin, let me clarify that the Vigor E Bike is creation of young entrepreneurs across the border. India based small start up company has started their EV 2 Wheeler set up and their first product is called Vigor EV. This EV has cool looks and some cool features to offer.

As the world is going EV crazy, people are becoming more and more aware. The EV scene is getting mature and people are pushing the bar higher every day. The Vigor EV is based on a cycle frame with a brush less hub motor and a battery pack.

To keep things practical, the pedals are still there and to make it look cool, it has enduro style tyres on offer along with a crazy looking front visor with inbuilt head light. The E Bike is still not officially launched but the proto type is shown for bookings.

The price of this EV is yet to be revealed, Judging by its simple build it looks like it will be very consumer friendly priced. The 2 wheeler is simple and made to resolve basic urban commute issues in style.

Let’s hope some one brings such a concept to Pakistan. Meanwhile let us know what do you think of this Vigor EV?

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