QJ NX150 in Pakistan by QJ Motors

Recently a new motorcycle company QJ Motor was officially brought to Pakistan and they have launched first showroom in DHA Karachi. Now QJ Motors brought a whole fleet of motorcycles ranging from 150cc commuter motorcycles to high end adventure sports motorcycles. QJ Motors is not a new name in motorcycle industry, it is the parent firm of Benelli and Keeway. (QJ Motors is a Chinese based motorcycle manufacturing firm)

The motorcycle NX150 is the entry level motorcycle from QJ Motors for Pakistan , the motorcycle looks confusing at first impressions, it looks like Keeway and sometimes like Benelli. Such motorcycles are called parts bin special. Because its put together with existing parts available. For instance the speedo meter comes from old Benelli tnt 25, Like wise the assemblies, throttle grips and levers also come from Benelli motorcycles.

The similarities don’t just end here, the engine crank case covers, the exhaust all look like borrowed from TNT25. The good thing is that the over all build quality seems very nice, the motorcycle is nicely put together with many added features like front and rear disc setups, dual braking system and Efi fueling systems.

QJ Motors claim the motorcycle to put out 15hp but on their official website it states that this bike can make maximum of 11.05 hp and has a curb weight of 117kgs.The motorcycle competes with Benelli TNT150i for the most part, the other 150cc motorcycles do not fall in this league due to lack of features and specifications.

Eventually every thing boils down to price and after sales services. Benelli has achieved a decent brand acceptability and now it is available almost in all big cities of Pakistan. However the QJ Motors is just a new entrant (previously Benelli Dealership)The QJ NX 150 is priced at 5lacc rupees currently. The motorcycle is yet to pass the test of times.

Will you buy this motorcycle in 5 lac rupees? Do let us know in the comments.

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