Pakistan’s first compact “budget friendly” EV Car

As the automobile scene is becoming more and more mature in Pakistan, many new players are entering the market. Recently a Karachi based dealership brings an EV Car from USA to Pakistan. The car is a 4 door hatch back and it is called Rinco Aria.

Judging from the pictures, the car looks compact and decently put together with many modern features. The car is a fully electric vehicle which is available in multiple colors. The EV looks like a proper KEI Car to compare with our local cars. The quality of interior, fit and finish also looks decent enough.

As Pakistan has gone EV crazy these days, the concept of “budget friendly” EV Car is still not very clear. The Rinco Aria costs 2.4 million rupees in Pakistan and It can go up to 220kms in single charge! It consumes 6 to 7 unit to fully charge and battery life is 7 to 8 years. Company claims to provide necessary after sales services.

One thing is very clear that unless and until we start producing cars and EV’s locally, they are not going to be affordable or budget friendly. As far as Rinco Aria is concerned, its available for sale (first 15 units) and can be booked on down payment of 1.2 million with delivery time of around 04 months.

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