Tourism might go on halt again in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of those lucky countries who have survived Covid 19 pandemic with minimum human loss, due to smart lock down and cooperation of Government and Citizens the situation was good. Pakistan announced to open the socio economic markets and tourism industry was one of them. As bubble tourism, some areas were opened for tourism in a controlled enviornment but Tourism might go on halt again in Pakistan.

In a recent development an official document is all over social media in which the Director General of Kaghan Development Authority wrote to Deputy Commissioner Mansehra suggesting implementation of smart lock down again in Naran. Staff of five resturants have tested positive for Covid 19 and it is feared that it may increase due to human interaction and lack of precautions.

The situation is not clear unless and until the local administration of Mansehra takes any actions and announces them. Mean while it is suggested to stay safe and reconsider traveling to these areas.

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