DFSK Glory 580

Pakistani four wheeler market is very busy these days, every now and than a new manufacturer emerges on the block. The hottest segment this time is the SUV market and now we have a handful of SUV or 7 seater in market where as the options before were limited to Toyota Land cruiser or Mitsubishi Pajero. These new entrants are Korean and chinese manufacturers but they’re giving the old market leaders a run for their money.The vehicle in question today is DFSK Glory 580.

DFSK Glory is a front engine front wheel drive layout and it is available in three different trim levels. 1.5 CVT,1.5 MT and 1.8 CVT. DFSK Glory 580 price in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 3,750,000 To 4,400,000. DFSK Glory may look like a rugged vehicle but it is not an off roader or a 4 wheel drive, Its an SUV wit design ques inspired from many other famous and proper SUV’s.

The interior and exterior of DFSK Glory is also well adequate and up to modern standards, the headlamps are cool but i personally don’t like the led bar in them, makes it look quite odd. The rear end is decent and resembles an Audi SUV by a lot.

The biggest advantage of DFSK Glory is the price tag its offered in, starting from 3.7 Million, it is very competitive vehicle for the price but the chinese manufacturers do not have a good repute in Pakistan because they have abandoned their buyers in past and after selling a number of vehicles left the business. I hope that its not the case with DFSK Glory!

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