Top 5 motorcycles under 1 Lakh Budget

Every biker wants two things in life, the first thing is a motorcycle and the second thing is even more motorcycles but these 2 wheeler cost money. Today I am going to share 5 used motorcycles which can be bought and maintained in the budget of 1 lakh.

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Ravi Piaggio Storm:

The first one on my list is the motorcycle which actually started the sporty shape trend in Pakistan. When launched in 2005/2006, Ravi Piaggio Storm always raised eyebrows but it was discontinued due to poor services and attitude of Ravi group. It was initially launched for  around 65k and inflation caused its price to increase up to 115k in 2014 when its production ended. A very clean Ravi Piaggio Storm is not more then 50 to 55k. You can put the rest of money in either modifying it or swapping a bigger 200cc engine. This chassis is famous for bolt on swaps of Tiger Boxer 200cc engines and over all package costs around 85 to 90k including the price of the bike.

Honda CG125:

Who does not know CG125?While it enjoys a good resale, it also devalues when a new model arrives. A good clean cg125 with 3 to 4 years of usage will cost you from 75 to 80k and upon regular maintenance it will serve you even better.With ample cushion for modifications like cafe racer or brat its a good choice Don’t get carried away by this option because the next one is even better.


Honda CG125 Deluxe:

Based upon CG125 engine and frame, CG125 Deluxe was a modern looking replacement for CG125 but it failed badly in the market. A good clean Deluxe will cost you 65k. It is also famous for bolt on engine swaps and people love it for its suspension and twin piston caliper front disc setup. It also comes with fuel gauge , a bigger rear rim and a good stance.

Suzuki GS 150:

Suzuki GS 150 was one of the most loved motorcycle for tourers and modifiers and even today it still is. Having classic looks and a powerful engine that can take you anywhere. A clean GS150 with 2 to 4 years usage will cost you around 85k. Spend the rest on making its breaking better and you ll have a good motorcycle. You can even make it look like a cafe racer a brat or anything you want to.


Yamaha YBR 125 & YBR 125G:

Though new Yamaha YBR & YBRG are pretty expensive and not known for quality as the old ones and in this scenario the old motorcycles are holding up the value but if you purchase from open market in some small city, i am sure you can purchase a good clean bike under 80k. Spend the rest on mods and enjoy the looks and raising eyebrows.


These were few used motorcycles which one can purchase and enjoy on a budget. So if you had 1 lac which one you would have bought and why? Share with us.

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