Man on a mission “Clean Green Pakistan”

We usually discuss motorcycles here but lets discuss a motorcyclist today. I have been following him in his cause and I admire his efforts.Lets meet the man behind Clean Green Pakistan Mission, meet Mr Saifullah Kashmiri.

Mr Saifullah Kashmiri can be seen riding a motorcycle to different tourist destinations in Pakistan and cleaning the garbage left by the tourists who visit there. The elderly man has been riding across Pakistan from north to south cleaning different destinations and sharing one simple message, “It may not be our garbage but it is our country, we have to keep it clean”

Saifullah Kashmiri keeps polythene bags with him and disposes off all the gunk he sees along the way. He also plants trees and has invented seed balls, an innovative idea through which more trees can be planted easily.(Seeds are wrapped inside a small clay ball which one can throw on roadside and it will grow as a plant).

Saifullah is truly an icon of peaceful Pakistan, he travels without any fear and without any trouble. We pray for his success in this amazing mission.


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