The Fault In Our Speedometers

Everyday I see a post on Horsepower Pakistan Facebook page and Group where young guns are fighting over one thing and one thing only. The Top Speed! Everyone claims his motorcycle is fast and shows screen shot or video of its speedometer and other party claims it to be in accurate. Today we are gonna resolve this issue once in for all. This blog is about the Fault in Our Speedometers.

In Pakistan most automobiles are equipped with analogue speedometers which are wire or cable driven. These old school analogue meters are never accurate to begin with. They are used for their simple construction and cost effectiveness. Also companies use them to show more speed intentionally because it makes the user feel his machine is fast and in our country that is a PRO for any vehicle.

The digital meters on the other hand are pulse driven and more accurate as compared to the analogue ones. A computer converts these pulses into the digital display. This technology is complex and expensive hence its only seen on high end models.

Personally i don’t believe the speedos at all and if one has a more specific method of calculating speeds like a speed gun, that is more accurate and fun way to calculate Top Speed!

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