Teleport T1 Pakistan’s 1st Proper E bike

Teleport is Pakistan’s first properly made E bike and I am very proud of that. Team Teleport is a group of young chaps from Peshawar KPK and they have successfully developed an e bike. The best thing about this machine is that its made completely in Pakistan and its fully functional.

Teleport T1 looks like it came out of some science fiction movie, at first glance it does not looks Pakistani at all, I am known for cursing local manufacturers for using decades old technology but when i saw Teleport, I was very happy to see that it is a revolutionary machine.

I don’t know much about Teleport yet, all i know is that it has range of 100 kms on 3 hour charge, it has smart lcd display and anti theft feature, It has a unique rear suspension setup and its gonna cost between 150 to 200k initially. I have tried to contact team Teleport and hopefully we will be bringing you its first hand review soon!

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