Pakistan needs such powerful scooters

The problem is with Pakistani’s, Our image of scooter is an old 2 stroke Vespa but the world has gone ahead by miles. The electric scooters across the globe are so powerful that they can out run many good motorcycles. One such scooter is ZEEHO Cyber which should come to Pakistan.

The all-new ZEEHO Cyber is driven by a 10kW “Cobra Powertrain” that develops a whopping 213nM of torque for a 2.9s 0-50km/h, reaching a top speed of 110km/h! The lightweight chassis is made using the same process as KTM and is anchored to the ground thanks to high performance suspension and Pirelli rubber.

The Bosch stability controller includes a “Just Ride” system, giving the rider three riding modes, Eco, Street and Sport, for maximum efficiency and enjoyment. Furthermore, the dashboard is fitted with smart-communications, meaning you can connect and manage the Cyber through the ZEEHO mobile app. The future has arrived!

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