Suzuki Motorcycles new prices

Suzuki Motorcycles Price Increased

Suzuki Motorcycles have increased their prices again in Pakistan. Recently as per a company circular, Suzuki has increased its motorcycle prices again. These new prices are applicable across Pakistan on all Suzuki Motorcycles. Ironically Suzuki did this just a day after launch of its GSX125 in Pakistan. Lets find out what are the new Suzuki Motorcycle prices.

Suzuki Motorcycles New Prices in Pakistan:

Suzuki Motorcycles new prices are as under.

Suzuki New Prices in Pakistan

The new prices of Suzuki Motorcycles are applicable from 1st Nov 2022 and applicable across Pakistan. As per a Suzuki dealer, Cash sales are very rare sight in their business now because customers are inclined to use Suzuki 2 years 0% Mark up Scheme. This installment mechanism is so popular that over 85% of Suzuki Motorcycles we see on road are purchased through leasing.

Suzuki GSX125 Installment Plan:

Suzuki has recently introduced its 125 cc Suzuki GSX125 in the market. The main competition of this motorcycle is with Honda CB125F and Yamaha YBR125G. This competition has an interesting element which is price point. Though Suzuki GSX125 is expensive than others, but none of its competitors are offering 0% mark up for 2 years. The 24 month scheme is so tempting that many are thinking to avail. This offer helps to purchase a motorcycle with out breaking the bank and financial circle.

Suzuki GSX125 Installment Plan


In modern day and time, motorcycle is need of every common man, With increasing inflation its prices are now increasing rapidly. The motorcycle sales are improving due to consumer shift from Cars (Small cars) to motorcycles because of ease of maintenance and fuel efficiency. The motorcycle companies are still working under the radar but they should be held accountable for increasing prices.

Suzuki Motorcycles new prices

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