Suzuki Motorcycles are Now Available At 0% Markup Again

Suzuki Motorcycles are pioneers of motorcycle leasing in Pakistan. This marketing technique of selling motorcycles in installments directly to the customers really helped Suzuki. There was a time when Suzuki Motorcycles were sold at discounts at dealerships. The Suzuki Dealers will sell Suzuki GS150 and GS150SE for 20 thousand less than their sticker price. With the introduction of the Suzuki installment scheme, the sales of Suzuki motorcycles were boosted and the rest is history.

After the recent political and economic instability, Suzuki canceled its installment plans for motorcycles. Due to low recoveries and higher chances of installments default, Suzuki opted for a simple route which was closing the company-operated leasing program. This affected the sales badly as cash customers always prefer Honda or Yamaha. Therefore, Suzuki Motorcycles are Now Available At 0% Markup Again.

This time, Pak Suzuki partnered with Bank Alfallah to launch a motorcycle lease plan. As banks have a mechanism of recoveries and branches across Pakistan, they are more safe investments. People also trust banks more so it is a win-win for both of them. The new installment plan is as under:

Suzuki Motorcycles Installment Plan

The new installment plans are for 9,12 and 18 months. Half amount of the motorcycle is given upfront as a down payment while the remaining amount will be divided in the number of months selected in the plan. Unlike Suzuki’s own installment plan, this one is not so accommodating but it is better to have something rather than having nothing at all.

The most recent addition to the Suzuki Motorcycle lineup in Pakistan, The GSX125 is not included in this installment plan. The reason behind this is that GSX125 is currently imported as Complete Build Unit. Importing a motorcycle is a huge issue currently with respect to the dollar rate and increasing inflation. Previously Suzuki had also closed its booking as well.

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