Low Sales, No Imports, Suzuki Shutsdow Its Motorcycle Plant Again

The expansion of Pakistan’s Automobile industry is very slow. After decades and years, we witness new automobile manufacturers starting a business in Pakistan. Over the last year, Pakistan’s auto industry is in hot waters. The quickly contracting automobile industry is showing a fragile economic situation. Similarly, due to low sales and no imports of spare parts, Suzuki shuts down its motorcycle manufacturing plant again!

According to the Monthly motorcycle sales figures of May 2023 cited from the PAMA Website, motorcycle sales have become a bit better but it is not like before. Honda being the market leader and having the largest portfolio has managed to sell over 87,000 units in May 2023. Yamaha is in second place selling over 1,100 units only. Suzuki however is the last of the Japanese motorcycle manufacturers with only 820 units sold in May 2023.

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If you are wondering why Honda sells so much then the reason is simple. Honda Motorcycles are generally accepted by us the end consumers and they are available in different engine capacities as well. As they are the oldest among Japanese manufacturers in Pakistan, they are more localized than others and that is the reason they have a better supply chain network than Yamaha and Suzuki Motorcycles.

Suzuki Notice for NPD

Suzuki Motorcycles are in hot waters, there is no point in keeping the plant open if you have to sell 800 units a month only. The main reason for non-production days is the lack of parts to assemble a complete motorcycle. Suzuki has again announced the closure of its motorcycle and car assembly plant due to a shortage of inventory. It seems the days of our automobile industry are numbered now! Alas What a Pity!

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