SUZUKI GR150 Installment Schedule Plan

Suzuki GR150 Installment Schedule Plan

Lets face it, New motorcycles have became so expensive that buying them easily is not possible for majority. People are always looking for some leasing plans or installment schedule plans. Pak Suzuki has introduced an installment schedule plan for its motorcycles in Pakistan. Today we will be discussing and sharing Suzuki GR150 Installment schedule plan.

Suzuki GR150 Price in Pakistan:

The Suzuki GR150 is a 150cc commuter motorcycle which was initially imported as CBU and now its being localized slowly. Suzuki GR150 was always expensive among its other competitors. The Suzuki GR150 price in Pakistan is 385,000 rupees. Now Suzuki GR150 price has recently increased again (on 1st Nov 2022)

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Suzuki GR150 Installment Plan
Suzuki GR150

Suzuki GR150 Installment Schedule:

Suzuki GR150 is available on installment plans for 12,18 and 24 months, customers can choose from any of these programs as per their ease. The installment plans have down payment options of 35 & 50 percent.

Suzuki GR150 2 Year Installment Plan:

Suzuki 150 02 year installment plan start with down payment (35%) of 165,050 (including processing & registration fee). The down payment is followed by 24 monthly installments of 10,500 rupees.

Suzuki GR150 18 months Installment Plan:

GR150 18 months installment plan start with down payment (35%) of 163,550 (including processing & registration fee). The down payment is followed by 18 monthly installments of 14,000 rupees.

There is another plan of 18 months with 219,300 (50% advance including registration & processing fee) followed by 18 monthly installments of 10,800 rupees.

Suzuki GR150 12 months Installment Plan:

Suzuki GR 12 month installment plan consists of an initial down payment of 217,800 (including 50% advance, registration and processing fee) followed by 12 installments of 16,100 rupees.

SUZUKI GR150 Installment Schedule Plan

Installment Plan Requirements:

The Installment process for Suzuki GR 150 has some requirements which must be fulfilled to avail this offer. The requirements are 02 passport size photographs, 02 Personal guarantors with CNIC Copies, Residential proof (Electricity / Sui gas bills) and cheque of installments. 01 month salary slip ad 06 month bank statement.


The EMI Plan is not a solution to over priced motorcycles in Pakistan. The need of time is that Government announces a strong governing body which makes sure that international standard motorcycles are introduced in Pakistan with better and affordable prices.

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