Suzuki GSX125 or Honda CB150F

Suzuki GSX125 or Honda CB150F ? Which one to buy?

Suzuki GSX125 is Pakistan’s most expensive 125cc motorcycle. Its priced higher than Honda CB150F. In Pakistan, people often compare different motorcycles on basis of their prices. Suzuki GSX125 is a 125 cc motorcycle while Honda CB150F is a 150cc unit. They are priced closed enough so people are comparing them. Lets discuss among Suzuki GSX125 or Honda CB150F, which one to buy?

Suzuki GSX125 or Honda CB150F

Suzuki GSX125 or Honda CB150F Price:

As discussed, price is one of the major decision making factors. Suzuki GSX125 is priced at 359,000 rupees while Honda CB150F is priced at 357,900 rupees. So Honda CB150F which is a bigger motorcycle in look, feel and power is cheaper than Suzuki GSX125 which is a new but smaller motorcycle. This comparison is going to be interesting!

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Suzuki GSX125 or Honda CB150F Specs:

Specs wise, GSX125 is not as powerful as of CB150F, Ironically they produce almost same output (10.5-11hp) but the Honda shines over the torque department. It has more initial pick up as compared to Suzuki because of its bigger engine displacement. Also the CB150F has more useable torque which will help in maintaining highway speeds much easier as compared to GSX. The Suzuki gets SEP which is a new technology which helps in maximizing fuel efficiency.

Suzuki GSX125 or Honda CB150F Features:

Features wise, Suzuki GSX125 is a much newer motorcycle. Though its features are not out of this world but they are new to us. Suzuki GSX125 comes with clip on handle bars, aluminum foot pegs and an up swept exhaust to start with. The GSX125 gets tubeless tyres and modern looking multi spoke alloy rims. Honda CB150F on the other hands is a time tested motorcycle which is around for almost 5 years now. Though its not high on features, still it is a powerful and fun machine to ride.

Which one to buy? Suzuki GSX125 or Honda CB150F

Well, this is a difficult question to answer. There is a part of me which is saying that Honda CB150F is bigger and more powerful motorcycle. While there is an other part of me which favors Suzuki GSX125 and its modern features. In my personal opinion, Honda CB150F seems a better buy. Its more motorcycle in same price bracket. In terms of power and motorcycle, bigger is always better!

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