Suzuki Gd110S Hit or Miss?

Suzuki Gd110S Hit or Miss?

Pak Suzuki introduced Suzuki GD110 a long time back. In start it was introduced as Suzuki GD110HU.

Suzuki GD100HU

It was a basic commuter motorcycle with classic styling and priced higher than Suzuki GS150 back than. Later after the years Suzuki upgraded it to GD110S with new styling, alloy wheels and self starter. Let’s find out if Suzuki GD110S hit or miss!

Suzuki gd110S price in Pakistan:

The Suzuki GD110 originates from Thailand and Malaysia. It’s popular machine over there. In Pakistan, Suzuki GD110 is priced at 230,000 rupees which is a lot higher for this category of motorcycle.

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Suzuki Gd110S Hit or Miss?

Suzuki Gd110S Specs in Pakistan:

Suzuki Gd110 consists of a 110cc single cylinder Sohc engine with a 4 speed gear box. The motorcycle comes with a very refined engine which is not much on power but refinement is at its peak. Suspension wise this motorcycle is also very good. The smooth suspension soaks bumps nicely and 17 inch tyres are adequate to handle this compact motorcycle.

Suzuki Gd110S features in Pakistan:

The Suzuki GD110 is not a feature packed machine. Infact it has lack of features to offer. Gd110S does not have disc setup, it does not have rpm, fuel gauge and many other features which are basic offerings. It’s rear suspension is adjustable and that’s about it. Nothing much to offer.

hit or miss?

Well Suzuki Gd110 is no doubt a better motorcycle than other 100 and 125cc in terms of ride quality and comfort.The current price of this motorcycle is very steep as compared to it’s rivals and make it an expensive motorcycle to own . The only reason it is still in business is a zero markup installment plan from Suzuki itself. If I had to say a one liner, Suzuki GD110s ride is a hit but it’s price is a miss!

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One Comment

  1. My name is Bilal and I am 17 years old.
    I am riding bikes since age 13. I have experience CD 70, Honda pridor,Honda dream, gd 110s, Yamaha 125z, Honda 125, Suzuki gs 150(special edition disk brake Wala). Right now my daily driven is Suzuki gd 110s.
    For my personal experience I will say gd 110s is the best bike ever for comfort and quality wise. I will not recommend Honda cg 125 at any cost because if you speak about the condition of the roads nowadays Toba. The main competitor of gd 110s is Yamaha 125z or dx but if you compare price and quantity then Suzuki gives you far better value than Yamaha and Suzuki gd 110s jumps are much softer than Yamaha which makes ride more comfortable and one more reason is that Suzuki 110s is light and easy to handle in traffic rather than Yamaha bikes as they are heavy.

    Yamaha 125z dx vs Suzuki gd 110s:

    • Suzuki gd 110s more comfortable as jumps are much softer
    • Quality wise Suzuki far far better.
    • For city gd 110s better as light and easy to handle in traffic.
    • more smoother gearbox than Yamaha.

    Disadvantage of gd 110s:

    • 3 people can not sit as the seat of the bike is small.
    • the back foot rest always touch Matlab gab ap traffic ma ho or agar koi peache bhatha ho tu us kha ghutha continuously lagaye gha agar ap bike Apne pair(legs) sa push karthe han agaye(ahead).
    • If new bike the clutch will be too much tight.
    • Single person ma breakers pa engine touch nahi hota Lekin 2 person ma ho satkhtha ha and for solving such problem oh have to slow down your bike alot. When you buy this bike then in starting days most probably to will hit engine in breakers and if you do that sound will hit your brain hard?. By time you will know will it hit or not.
    Engine guard Laga Len bhather rahe gha atlest engine pa tu nahi lagaye gha baqi best ha.

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