Super Star SS125 Deluxe

Super Star SS125 Deluxe may look like old and discontinued Atlas Honda CG125 Deluxe but it is definitely the most affordable brand new 125cc motorcycle in Pakistan. The Super Star SS125 Deluxe is priced at a decent 95,000 rupees and is available for sale here.

The Super Star is a well reputed local motorcycle manufacturing company but its operations are mainly directed towards Sindh ,Baluchistan and Southern Punjab. Hence the company is rarely seen in the North region but it has a good foot print in other areas. Its 70cc motorcycles are very popular.

The Super Star SS125 Deluxe is clone of Honda’s CG125 Deluxe which is discontinued and now available as Honda CB125F. The SS125 gets everything same as of Honda CG125 Deluxe but the quality is not up to the Honda standards.

The best thing about Super Star SS125 Deluxe is that its probably the only Brand new bike available under 1 Lac Pak Rupees currently in Pakistan. The Motorcycle can be ordered from Super Star Facebook page and they can deliver it to you. Its engine can be swapped with Honda’s and its a great fun motorcycle to ride!

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