Must have accessories for Honda CB150F

Honda’s CB150F has made its way to the motorcycle users of Pakistan who like to have a motorcycle which has decent ride quality and power for tours and regular commuting. Though the motorcycle has a great ride and decent quality but it lacks some features which can make the ride even more better. These are some must have accessories for Honda CB150F. All of these accessories can be purchased from Faizan Motorsports.

Mobile Holder
  • Mobile Holders and Chargers : It is safe to say that no motorcycle comes with a mobile holder or charger from the factory and during touring or city rides navigation is very important. A mobile holders makes it very easy for the rider to navigate his way through city with out putting himself and others in danger while his mobile phone is also charging. A mobile holder starts from 400 rupees and goes up to couple of thousand rupees with charging function.
Throttle Assist
  • Throttle Assist : This is something new in local market and it helps the riders who want to cover a long strech of road in one ride. This device helps you relax your wrist which may be aching from holding the throttle for a long time. You can simply use this throttle assist to enjoy safe and long ride.

Hazard Switch
  • Hazard Switch : Once again, none of our local motorcycles come with a Hazard switch, A hazard switch allows the indicators to turn on as Hazard Lights so people may know that something is wrong and come to help you with it. This switch is extremely affordable and available at Faizan Motorsports.

These were some of the most basic motorcycle riding accessories which are not available as standard options from the dealership or factory but they add value and comfort to your rides without compromising safety. All of these accessories can be bolted on any motorcycle and Faizan Motorsports can be contacted for best quality parts at affordable prices.

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