Issues in Electric Bikes

Jolta Electric claim themselves as Pakistan’s first electric motorcycle. Since this electric bike is something new for us here in Pakistan, it comes with new mechanical issues and problems. Jolta Electric recently shared some issues and shared some tips to overcome the issues as well.

The most common issue is flooding, in rainy season, we have a lot of rain water on roads and it can be dangerous for your electric bike. The batteries may be in the enclosed battery box but they are not water proof. Hence riding in standing water should be avoided.

Over charging is also an issue in electric vehicles. An over charged EV means that the batteries are excessive heat up due to over charging and it can be dangerous for batteries and modules. Jolta recommends that the charger should be inspected. And replaced if the charging indicator is not working.

Also the battery box should not be covered while its charging. The reason is that batteries usually get hot when they’re charging and they need air to cool down. An extra charged battery can cause troubles and it can be mess too.

Jolta also recommends that the Electric Hub motor should only be worked upon by a professional as it has electrical components which may get damaged if not taken care of properly. Jolta recommends to visit authorized dealership and avoid any such troubles.

The EV scene is immature in Pakistan currently. It will take time money and a lot of effort to be commercialized but we also should support the companies which are trying to change the industry.

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