Super Asia Motorcycles goes out of business!

Super Asia Motorcycles (A local Motorcycle manufacturing firm of Pakistan) goes out of business.As reported by market sources,Super Asia Motorcycles Company has decided to close its motorcycle wing and continue with the Three Wheeler set up of theirs.This is an example of the tough situation Pakistan’s automotive sector is going through.

Due to Covid 19, many businesses have gone bankrupt and halted their operations but there are some other factors too which are often neglected.The lack of innovation in local manufacturers and uniformity of product makes them a fragile product overall.All locally developed 70cc motorcycles are same, there is no valueable or considerable difference, It seems that they are commodities rather than a product and that is the reason why the sales are slow, People tend to buy any bike regardless what ever brand it may be.

If the product was equipped with modern features and had a competitive price tag, the situation would have been different. What ever the case may be but the local auto industry must survive for the prosperity of Pakistan.

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