Pak Suzuki Motorcycles prices increased by 20,000

Pak Suzuki has yet again increased the prices of their motorcycles for the third time in 2020.This time Pak Suzuki Motorcycles prices are increased by 20,000 which is really too much for motorcycle buyers. Last time an individual representing Pak Suzuki shared that the price hike is due to depreciating currency and low business volumes because of Covid 19 but since the lockdown had ended, the business is now at full swing and record motorcycles were sold in Pakistan in month of July. (Read here

There is no fact that some suzuki motorcycles like GD110,GR150 are very good to ride on but they are now over priced, No one in their right mind is going to invest so much for simple commuter motorcycles.
Suzuki also launched GSX150 SF and that machine is one of a kind in Pakistan but it was already over priced and now its even more.
Suzuki motorcycles are seen on roads thankfully due to the installment plans and 0 mark up plans offered by Suzuki to its customers, Otherwise the situation would have been bad!

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