KPR200 GEN 1 vs GEN 2

ZXMCO Motorcycles introduced Lifan KPR200 few years back in Pakistan under badge engineered motorcycle named as ZXMCO Cruise 200. This cruise 200 was generation 1 KPR 200 and it was very warmly welcomed at that time. KPR 200 seemed too good to be true at that time and enjoyed some really good sales as well but like all good things, the ZXMCO CRUISE eventually ended.

ZXMCO Cruise was facing some issues of after sales support from the company, some motorcycles developed engine seizures and other fatal issues due to some technical difficulties and faults in the GEN 1 engines, coupled with the rapid increase in dollar pricing and tough import laws, the company finally decided to pull the plug and let it be! ZXMCO Cruise was gone for good!

There is always a silver lining at the edge of cloud, always a ray of hope for one who looks hard enough and wants to work hard. Irfan Sheikh who is CEO of Rapid Rides approached LIFAN Motor Co and assured them that Pakistan is still a great market for entry level sports bikes and set up his state of the art showroom(The link below will take you to the showroom tour)Irfan Sheikh later became the only official dealer of LIFAN Motorcycles in Pakistan and these beautiful motorcycles have such a charisma to it.

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A rider riding lifan kpr 200 on the road
The Lifan KPR 200 at Rapid Rides are Gen 2 motorcycles which are more well equipped and prepared to take on two wheeler world by storm, The GEN 2 Engines are very refined and smoother than before with minimum vibrations and good responsive accelration. In the video below all the differences among GEN 1 & GEN 2 KPR are listed & Mr Irfan Sheikh is explaining why his GEN 2 KPR is more expensive and value for money!

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The entire purpose of this thread was to explain the differences between GEN 1 & GEN 2 KPR’S.

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