Atlas Honda CD 70 2021 is on the way!

Atlas Honda is Pakistan’s leading motorcycle manufacturing company and it is known for its commuter based motorcycles. These motorcycles are known for its simplicity and ease of maintenance but Atlas Honda is also known for lack of features and technology in their motorcycles.The cash cow or most selling motorcycle from this Atlas Honda lineup is their smaller engine capacity 70cc vehicle known as HONDA CD70.

Atlas Honda CD 70 is available since 70’s in Pakistan and this motorcycle is very popular for number of reasons,Honda CD70 is preferred as best learner bike due to its small compact design, easy handling and less weight. Another thing is the fuel efficiency for which this vehicle is famous for. Not to mention its parts are also cheap and readily available by number of vendors in number of qualities.These qualities are the reason this motorcycle is still around after almost 4 decades with minor changes only.

Atlas Honda is all set to launch the latest variant of its CD70 or latest stickers (because Atlas Honda is known for changing a lot of stickers only)The Atlas Honda CD 70 gets new graphic and this is expected to reach showrooms soon. The retail price of Atlas Honda CD70 is 77,900, lets hope the new graphic update doesn’t changes the prices again!

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