Speedo 110+ launched by Qingqi Motors

Qingqi Motor Launches Speedo 100+

Qingqi Motors is a reputed Chinese automobile manufacturing firm that is working in Pakistan for some time now. Qingqi Motors is involved in manufacturing and selling commercial automobiles like auto rickshaws, loaders, and other vehicles of this sort. Recently they have launched their motorcycle lineup and Speedo 100+ is their offering. Here is what we know so far.

Qingqi Speedo 100+ is nothing new, its same old shape that is commonly seen in Pakistan. Visually this motorcycle is not an appealing machine. It has a solid frame which means that it will mainly be used in loaders and commercial vehicles soon. The fuel tank is the same as the Honda CD70, Seat is also the same. It looks like the motorcycle is inspired by many different variants of Honda Motorcycles including Honda CD70, CG125, and Pridor.

Speedo 110+ launched by Qingqi Motors

The engine of Speedo 100+ is actually a 110cc single-cylinder overhead cam shaft-based unit mated to a 4-speed constant mesh transmission. Such engines are huge in torque but lack top speed due to their final drive ratios. Also, vibration is a by-product of these engines. Though the company claims that it can do 0-70 kmph in 7 seconds. Also, the company is offering a 1-year warranty for their new product.

Speedo 100+

The main issue with the motorcycle manufacturing companies in Pakistan seems that they have forgotten people have internet now. People compare the products offered in Pakistan with the products offered in other countries. Sadly the majority of motorcycles currently being offered in Pakistan are outdated and need to be revamped at the earliest. Such motorcycles are either available in Pakistan or in African countries. On top of all, the inflated prices have made it even worst. Harley Davidson is launched in India for under 3 lac rupees but sadly not in Pakistan!

Do let us know what you think of this Speedo 100+ and do you think this motorcycle can have good sales in Pakistan?

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