Small capacity adventure motorcycles from Japan to hit the world!

As the adventure tourism is becoming the most crowded motorcycle segment globally, the Japanese manufacturers are thinking about launching the downscale versions or small capacity siblings of their popular big adventure motorcycles specially because the smaller cc adventure motorcycle segment is being quickly captured by Chinese manufacturers (ZONG SHEN RX3 & RX3S).

Young Machine is Japan’s most authentic motorcycle website and they are emitting secrets like a smaller cc Honda Africa Twin and Yamaha Tenere might be seen in near future. These motorcycles will be available globally as in many places chinese manufacturers like Zong Shen and Others have their strengths. In Pakistan and other countries where buying a branded bike is an issue, people tend to go for these Chinese variants.

Honda can use its CRF Rally platform for the downscaled version of Africa Twin and Yamaha can use its FZ or MT series platform to develop something like these. These motorcycle images are also from Young Machine website.

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