Scrambler 150

Scrambler 150 is Launching Next Month

Memon Motors (Super Star Motorcycles) has successfully showcased its first 150cc motorcycle in the Karachi market. They introduced a Yamaha XSR 150 replica, which they call Scrambler 150. The motorcycle looks stunning with neo-retro styling and ergonomics like XSR150. Super Star Motorcycles is now in the process of launching and showcasing its scrambler.

As per the sources, Scrambler 150 is currently only available in Karachi. That’s because Memon Motors is based in Karachi and introduced it to dealers and different parties in Karachi. Now they are planning to launch it across Pakistan and make it available in different dealerships. For this purpose, they are currently developing a sales and marketing strategy for Scrambler 150.

The Scrambler 150 gets a 150cc engine with a 5-speed gearbox and self-starter. The motorcycle feels like a much bigger and premium product. The hardware on Scrambler 150 looks also premium. The semi-analog speedometer, good quality grips, beefy suspension, and rear disc setup seem premium upgrades.

Sources confirm that it will take SuperStar Motorcycles at least a month to mobilize their strategy and make Scrambler 150 available across Pakistan. Priced at 295,000 rupees this Scrambler is ready to take on the market.

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What is Scrambler 150

A scrambler motorcycle is a type of motorcycle that is designed for off-road riding and scrambling, which is a form of off-road racing that originated in the United Kingdom. Scrambler motorcycles are characterized by their rugged, versatile nature, which makes them well-suited for a variety of terrain types, including dirt, sand, and rocks.

One of the key features of a scrambler motorcycle is its long-travel suspension, which allows it to absorb rough terrain and maintain traction. Scramblers also typically have knobby tires with deep treads, which provide additional grip and traction on loose surfaces. Other features that may be found on a scrambler motorcycle include a high-mounted exhaust, a skid plate to protect the engine and underside of the bike, and a high, wide handlebar for increased leverage and control.

In terms of engine size and performance, scramblers can range from small, lightweight bikes with 125cc engines to larger, more powerful models with 1,000cc engines or more. Some scramblers are designed specifically for use in off-road racing, while others are more geared towards recreational riding and exploring off the beaten path.

Scrambler 150

Scrambler motorcycles have a distinctive, rugged look that sets them apart from other types of motorcycles. They are often finished in matte or flat paint schemes and may feature retro-inspired design elements such as round headlights and simple, classic-looking instruments.

Overall, scrambler motorcycles are a great choice for riders who enjoy exploring off-road and tackling challenging terrain. With their versatility and ruggedness, they are well-suited for both recreational riding and off-road racing.

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