Road King electric bike claims 100kms in 1 charge

E Bikes are now becoming a sensation in Pakistan, regardless of their looks people are searching about them and willing to buy them due to increasing fuel prices. Road King Motorcycles a local manufacturer has launched its e bikes in 3 versions( shapes) and claims that their e bike can do up to 100 kms in 1 charge.

Though the company has not claimed anything about charging time still its a safe guess that it will take at least 6 hours to charge and charging over night seems a better solution. The e bike looks same as of Honda’s 70cc motorcycle but with out any engine.

The same e bike is also available in a 100 cc equivalent variant, a common 70cc look a like and a Deluxe version. The manufacturers still compare them in cubic capacities so that common people can easily relate to it.

The Road King Electric Bikes have an edge over the Jolta E Bikes that they use Lithium ion batteries while Jolta uses regular batteries in most of its variants. Also the fit and finish levels of Jolta are not up to the mark. Also one case of fire is reported in Jolta E Bikes.

The electric bike industry is yet to be developed in Pakistan. The e bikes will mature with time and it will only happen with serious competition.

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