Petrol bike or ev bike?

Regular Motorcycle or An Electric Motorcycle? Which One To Go For!

As the fuel prices have started climbing, everyone is thinking to have an alternate. Electric Motorcycles is one of the main alternatives of petrol powered motorcycles. Globally, Electric Motorcycles are much more modern , with latest and innovative designs and technology to offer. The motorcycle market in Pakistan is much different however.

The electric motorcycles of Pakistan were introduced a couple of years ago. The locally made electric motorcycles were not as most of us were expecting. We got the same 4 decades old 70 cc Motorcycle looking creation with a big battery box hanging on the place of engine! A hub motor and a basic electric bike is ready.

Petrol bike or ev bike?

Initially, many players like Jolta Electric jumped on the electric motorcycles band wagon. They were fortunate enough to get good projection from Media and the government of that time. PM Imran Khan inaugurated their EV motorcycles and everything was on their side. Jolta started selling good number of electric motorcycles but eventually they lost it due to many obvious reasons.

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The main reasons why Jolta failed as an EV manufacturer are very simple and clear. EV Motorcycles used a different batteries globally but in Pakistan, Jolta had used normal lead acid batteries which were later replaced by dry lead batteries. These batteries are not best suited for EV application as they tend to heat up and have a less back up to offer. On the other hand, the fit n finish was not up to the mark. On the other hand, the motorcycle failed to impress the masses.

Road Prince E-GO EV

In Pakistan, the motorcycles seem to be a more relatable choice as the EV technology is yet to be matured. The batteries need to be better.(many companies are now introducing Lithium ion batteries e.g. Road Prince E-GO EV) The backup needs to be improved and the technology needs to be improved as well. The modern features like regenerative braking and cruise control should be added to increase its efficiency and utility. Also the pricing needs to be checked. If EV’s are presented as an affordable solution, they should have an affordable price as well.

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