Honda CG125 Gold Edition

Honda CG125 Gold Edition Gets All The Hate On Internet!

Honda is one of the most popular motorcycle manufacturing company across the globe. In Pakistan the situation is not different at all. Pakistan’s most sold motorcycle is a Honda CG125 still it is the most hated motorcycle as well. Recently, Honda has launched its 2024 variants in Pakistan and also launched a special edition in its CG125 called the Gold Edition. The Honda CG125 Gold Edition gets all the hate on the internet. Here is why!

Honda CG125 Gold Edition

The motorcycle enthusiasts of Pakistan are deprived and desperate. As they see reasonably priced latest motorcycles being sold by Honda in other countries and in Pakistan the CG125 is around for ages. There is no change in the dimensions, body style , engine specs at all. Though Honda has been telling us every year that the new variant is based on new components but its old wine in a new bottle always.

The motorcycle gets all the hate from many motorcycle fans in Pakistan. Over the internet, people are trolling Honda for developing the gold edition. The Gold Edition seems to be a shabby job as the items like clear lenses, clear tail lamp, golden exhaust cover are just after market bits which are easily available in the market. If Honda had to develop the Gold Edition, they should have put some efforts in it.

Honda CG125 Gold Edition

Many enthusiasts say that Honda has not hired any engineers but graphic designers. The graphic designers always come up with a new graphic set and still they are not doing good. Though Honda will bag huge sales figures due to its rural fan base and target market for its CG125 series but in the urban markets, modern motorcycles like Yamaha and Suzuki are seen in abundance now.

Honda has to come up with something new and fresh rather than its CG125 Gold Edition if they are willing to leave a lasting impression!

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