Petrol reduced by 10 rupees in Pakistan

Petrol price reduced by 10 rupees!

Mr Ishaq Dar, The finance minister of Pakistan yesterday announced new petrol prices. In his television address, he mentioned that the petrol price is reduced by 10 rupees and the diesel price is reduced by 7.5 rupees. This is a small relief in fuel prices after a long period of time.

Petrol Prices:

The new fuel prices are implemented from today 16-12-2022 and they will remain unchanged till the year’s end. The new petroleum product prices are as under.

Fuel prices revised in Pakistan

Petrol 214.8

Diesel 227.8

Kerosene Oil 171.83

Light Diesel Oil 169

Mr Ishaq Dar also stated in his address, “At this moment, the prime minister wants us to pass maximum relief to the public, and we have been implementing that since Oct 30. According to our calculations, petrol prices will be reduced by Rs10 to Rs214.8 after midnight. [The price of] high-speed diesel will be decreased by Rs7.5 to Rs227.80.”

Petrol reduced by 10 rupees in Pakistan

Though this relief is not much still it will provide some ease to the middle-class end consumer who has to travel every day for work and uses his motorcycle. The news of a low octane rating fuel for motorcycles only is also in hearing. Hopefully, It will bring more relief.

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Petrol and petroleum products are one of the largest imported products in Pakistan. They are also the reason why a big number of our foreign reserves are always going out of the country. Sadly no government has introduced any subsidiary fuel policy or green fuel policy which could divert end consumers from petrol. Though electric bikes were much popular in the last government because of being sub-standard, old school and over expensive, they can never become the choice of the masses. The only thing can be a more strict policy where modern and fuel-efficient technology should be brought into Pakistan. Let us hope it happens!

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